Christine`s Story

Hi, my name is Christine Hossack and I am the Founder CEO of Property Hunters Inc. This is my story of why I do what I do…

Born and raised in a traditional household where my mother stayed home and my father worked long hours. I am one of six children close in age and the only female with five male siblings. I was born with health issues and spent much of the first 10 years in and out of hospitals. I was treated like a delicate flower by my parents and brothers because of my sicknesses.  Growing up in a male dominated household taught me communication skills, a strong work ethic from my father and to be a team player. Today all six of us are successful in our chosen fields.

At the age of 11 I took ice skating lessons and loved it!  This gave me an outlet to do something I enjoyed and had talent in to be creative, forget about being sick, compete to win and camaraderie with others who also loved the sport. I moved through the levels quickly to a senior skater in no time. During my teenage years I was a monitor and coaching assistant  It was a natural step for me to start a coaching career and did so into my thirties. Skating and coaching combined for me the love of the sport, seeing others accomplish goals with my help and passing my knowledge onto others. This was such a positive experience and huge influence in shaping me into the person I am today.

In my mid-thirties I worked in an office as a manager/assistant to the owner of a successful accounting firm. I realized that working in an office all day was not for me. I enjoyed running errands, meeting and speaking with people whether it was over the phone or in person and was interest in projects around the home.  My decision to become a real estate agent was the perfect fit for me.

My real estate career started at a local hometown brokerage in Windsor, Ontario. I soon learned they did not have systems in place for agents and it was up to me to market myself and listings for business. One of my lead generating markets was private sellers and converting them to work with me. I received a phone call out of the blue from a frantic seller who had just sold their home and needed a place to rent for eight months. I successfully placed them in a rental property and the landlord was so grateful the referrals started pouring in. I found my niche and immediately decided to focus on tenant placement and property management.

I do what I do and love it because as a sick child I was happiest at home and my bedroom was the sanctuary. I know from personal experience how much a home can affect a person or their family’s well being. It really is where the heart is! This is why I find so much fulfillment in placing tenants and giving landlords peace of mind with their investment properties.

Now you know why I chose a career in property management and how my passion for it will benefit you. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your rental needs in more detail. I look forward to hearing from you.

Christine Hossack

“A great property manager is key to success
in real estate.  A great property manager is
more important to me than the real estate.”
Robert Kiyosaki  Rich Dad, Poor Dad