Home Watch Service

Our Home Watch Service provides an interior/exterior inspection, and creates a lived-in look for your home while you are away. We provide a peace of mind service that will help satisfy the requirements of your insurance company regarding coverage for unoccupied or vacant property (see your policy for details).

Our Standard Visit
Our Standard Visit ensures that your home is safe, secure, and in good repair both inside and out.  It is the base point for all our packages, designed to satisfy most homeowners.  Our Home Watch Packages start at $35.00 + HST per visit.


  • Visual walk around, checking windows, doors, sheds, fences, and gates, for signs of vandalism or trespassing.
  • Check exterior of home for weather damage, or drainage problems.
  • Remove papers or flyers, and pick up mail.
  • Confirm lawn and garden are being maintained and snow removal is being done.
  • Look for signs of water/pest damage.


  • Check the security of all locks on windows, and doors.
  • Ensure appliances, furnace, air conditioner, and water heater are operational.
  • Replace furnace filter if supplied, and requested.
  • Test or flush all water fixtures, and drains if required.
  • Check circuit breakers.
  • Test lighting and replace bulbs if required.
  • Check smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors, replace batteries if required.
  • Monitoring thermostat and seasonally adjusting home temperature to clients’ desired temperature.
  • Water indoor plants.
  • Setting and checking all house alarms and surveillance systems before leaving property.

We become the first contact for police, fire, and alarms. (Standard visit fees will apply)

All of our visits are documented, with areas of concern reported immediately to the homeowner. All client information, and keys are kept protected for our clients safety.

Arrival Services

  • House cleaning
  • Home freshening
  • House temperature set to desired comfort level
  • Stagnant water circulated
  • Grocery shopping
  • Fresh flowers
  • Customized requests available